Popup shop continued......part 2

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Only 5 days to go until the pop-up shop so lots going on.... Big thanks to speedytees, the t-shirts we ordered arrived about 3 days after they were ordered and we got pretty excited.

Wanted to make some giveaways so got into the workshop and got busy with some scrap bits of timber lying. Made some very simple doorstops from an old post that used to stand beside the clothes line. They are just simple little blocks but I really like the character of the wood (looks like typical victorian hardwood) that was hiding under layers of green and brown paint.

Then playing around with them to make a logo, or just sow the seeds to inspire a logo down the track:

And then, on a bit of a roll in the shed with the simple / useful / recycled theme going on...took to some left over deck boards and entered the hugely lucrative apple accessories market:

Signage. Going to need some signage so sacrificed on of those thin plastic chopping boards to make a stencil. Those things are too floppy to make good chopping boards so nothing lost there...

So....a few things done and now got to work on promotion until Friday when we can get access and start setting up....


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