Pop up shop - Part 3 review

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Have to go back a few days to the end of last week. The Pop up was booked for Saturday and by Thursday the furniture still had not arrived. Panicking slightly, trying to keep positive, but come on customs please tell me are you going to release the containers or not? 

Friday: Yeah! Containers released and furniture arrives. Down to business unpacking 2 x 20ft containers (love the industry description "destuffing" used for this process) and then transporting required items across to the Richmond popup location to set up. Rain not helping. Bit of practice in how to write backwards and the window is sign written in flouro chalk pen.

Saturday and Sunday in the shop...this is really the easy part. So nice to meet everyone who drops in, and soon we decide to run a competition for a coffee table lucky draw which helps to capture email addresses so we can stay in touch with our newsletter. Turns out we are not the only pop up in town this weekend.....who's this Kanye dude getting all the attention over in Fitzroy? 

We had a problem Friday night: as it got cold outside and hot inside the window writing started running so on Saturday morning had to wipe down and do it again...

Popup running

wipe down and start again..

By Sunday night its time to pack up. The main learning we got from the pop up is 2 days is way too short.....given all the effort in setting up and then pulling down, next time I will schedule at least 2 weeks. But otherwise everything went really well. We made a few sales, met some new friends, gots lots of exercise lifting and moving, and gave everyone a chance to touch and see the quality of the furniture. 

Btw  the winner for the coffee table lucky draw was Alice Bailey..


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