Our first ever Pop Up Store is booked for August 20-21 in Melbourne

Posted by Nick Seymour on

Really excited to announce our first ever pop up store is going to be happening next weekend at 237 Bridge Rd, Richmond. The only catch being we really have no idea how to run a pop up store so its going to be a fun 10 days working it out. What could possibly go wrong?

The planning so far:

1. Scope the venue on Sunday. Seems to be a fair bit of foot traffic, access looks a bit dodgy at the back but should be ok.

pop up bridge rd

2. Book the venue through temporium.com.au , Steph was so nice she gave us a discount for winter months and agreed to let us set up the day before. That is awesome because it takes fair bit of time assembling all the furniture and I don't want to be in a massive panic rush on the Saturday morning.

3. Design some t-shirts and order them online through Speedy Tees , not sure why this got so high a priority but I was thinking what would we wear etc....and it was fun and easy to do. Hope they turn up on time and fit ok.

4. Write this blog and put a post on instagram and Facebook . Will have to work out the social media side of things as we go....I'm thinking now to diarise the process to both a) help out any other first time pop ups and b) at least get some value out of it if everything goes wrong in a kind of "what not to do tutorial" way...  (wow just checked fb and 3 interested and 1 going!)

Thats it so far....  will keep you posted







melbourne pop up popup

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